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Zenita Investments LLC is a full service real estate consulting company provides a variety of services to help maximize the potential return on an investment in real estate. Services include acquisition, operations, management, and disposition of real property. The company is focused in the residential markets. We perform due diligence, conduct market studies, and offer lease advisory and portfolio services. Zenita Investments LLC also assists with real estate portfolio positioning, strategy, and financial analytics and modeling. We offer support for first time, intermediate, and seasoned real estate investors. Zenita Investments LLC also consults with real estate related businesses.


Zenita Investments LLC tailors each portfolio analysis to the individual needs of its clients through a comprehensive consultation. For investors looking to add real estate to their portfolio we conduct economic analysis to insure the investments is a sound financial decision for the buyer. This may start with an analysis of the pricing, supply, and demand of the property type or location. We then evaluate the marketability of the property to determine profits under current market conditions. The outcomes of this research are used to estimate the risk to the buyer and the potential return on investment. We may also review property appraisals and insurance policies. This allows us to maximize growth, manage risk, and provide guidance in accordance with our clients’ personal and financial goals.


We care deeply about overall investment success of our clients. Zenita Investments LLC prides itself on maintaining the highest integrity as a fiduciary to each of its clients. Our clients range from highly sophisticated investors and business owners to those entering the real estate market for the first time.